About Us

About Biologix Solutions

Launched in the winter of 2009, Biologix Solutions hopes to better meet the needs of individual healthcare professionals while still delivering the same engaging, high-quality content on all the latest trends in health care. As always, we continue to be passionate about educating and inspiring today’s healthcare professionals.

The Biologix Solutions’s content and accreditation team is composed of an interprofessional team of leading experts in each respective profession. Our highly respected editorial team is responsible for developing and maintaining virtually all content featured on blxtraining.com.

The mission of the Biologix Solutions continuing education program is to provide science-based information of clinical relevance in an online format, providing the opportunity for healthcare professionals to earn CE credits in the convenience of their home or office. The program shall provide a peer review process to ensure validity of the information presented, a testing mechanism to assess the participants’ knowledge and understanding of the information presented, a grading scale to provide feedback to participants regarding satisfactory or unsatisfactory knowledge of the topic, and an evaluation mechanism to determine participants’ level of satisfaction with the presentation of the topic. The goal of the program is to provide a quality educational experience.