Aquatic Therapy for Balance and Fall Prevention – 5 Hours



Balance training and fall prevention is at the heart of what many therapists do each day. Sadly, one of the great frustrations of working with patients with balance deficits is how difficult it is to challenge these patients without risking additional harm. Enter the therapy pool. The therapy pool is custom-designed for providing a safe and effective environment for balance challenges. This continuing education course will assist the participant in understanding when (and when not) to choose aquatics, how balance and gait differ in water, and how to ensure aquatic therapy is skilled, necessary and reasonable care. A mock pool lab is provided, complete with exercise illustrations, to provide new ideas for therapists seeking to work with their compromised patients in water.

Upon completion of this course (Aquatic Therapy for Balance and Fall Prevention), you will be able to: 

  • List at least 5 independent factors which contribute to falls risk in community-dwelling older adults.
  • Describe 1 therapeutic effect produced by each of these hydrodynamic properties on the human body during upright immersion: Buoyancy, viscosity and drag
  • Make a brief argument for the use of aquatic exercise for balance training using at least 2 of the hydrodynamic properties discussed
  • List at least 2 ways in which the gait cycle is different on land and in the water.
  • Describe the potentially dangerous loading effects of open-chain exercises performed with equipment at rapid speeds in water.
  • List at least 1 way in which immersion changes both spinal compression forces and lower extremity joint compression.
  • List 5 precautions which should be considered when treating in an aquatic medium.
  • Describe 1 scenario of “medical necessity” related to the provision of aquatics.
  • Describe 5 ways to ensure the provision of “skilled care” during an aquatic session.
  • Describe 3 quick balance and gait assessments which can be performed poolside as part of an ongoing assessment process.
  • Describe 3 aquatic exercises to enhance spinal stabilization and posture.
  • Describe 3 aquatic exercises to improve balance reactions.
  • Describe 3 aquatic exercises to mimic the performance of activities of daily living, such as bed mobility.


Author:  Andrea Salzman, MS, PT  

Contact Hours: 5 Hours / 5 PDR (AOTA CEUs—0.5)   

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Educational Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: None

AOTA Classification Codes: Category 1 – OT Service Delivery

Instructional Methods:  Online Independent Self-Study (Training + Post-Test). A minimum passing score of 70% is required for course completion. A Printable (Pdf) Certificate By Email. 

Target Audience: OTs/ OTAs, PTs / PTAs, Other Health Professionals

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