Dizziness and Vestibular Rehabilitation in Elderly - 4 Hours



Dizziness and vertigo are common among the elderly population and account for an increase in falls in this population. There are several types of dizziness which include disorders of the vestibular system, central nervous system, cervical spine and others. Dizziness can lead to a functional decline in this population and it is important for physical and occupational therapists to be able to recognize signs and symptoms of dizziness in patients they are treating for other conditions, be able to treat the cause of the dizziness itself and implement treatment plans to decrease dizziness and restore function in the elderly population. This course will enable the learner to be able to differentiate between types of dizziness and understand how to implement treatment plans in order to treat this condition. Patients with dizziness often present to primary care settings but dizziness may be found when a patient is already in the care of a physical or occupational therapist and it is imperative for rehabilitation professional to understand this condition. 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Describe and define different types of dizziness that may occur in the elderly population.
  • Describe differential diagnosis of common causes of dizziness in the elderly population.
  • Describe how physical and occupational therapists assess a patient with complaints of dizziness in the rehabilitation setting.
  • Determine a treatment plan for patients with different types and causes of dizziness.
  • Describe the physical and occupational therapists role in the treatment of dizziness.
  • Describe pharmacological treatment of dizziness.
  • Describe age-related and pathological causes of dizziness.
  • Discuss balance and fall prevention strategies in the elderly populations and the impact of falls on this population.


Author:  Lisa Augustyn, PT, DPT, Christine Church , M.S., OTR/L 

Contact Hours: 4 Hours / 4 PDR 

Cost: $30 / Participant  

Teaching Method : Online Independent Self-Study (Training + Post-Test)

Target Audience: Physical Therapists & Physical Therapy Assistants

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