Geriatric Medication Precautions – 4 Hours



Because of their physiological and cognitive changes, managing medications for older adults can be very challenging. In this course, we will examine the reasons why geriatric patients require special medication precautions, discuss the available tools for medication review designed to reduce inappropriate and polypharmacy prescribing practices, explore methods to prevent drug related problems in older adults, and consider some recommendations we can pass on to seniors to improve their medication use.

Upon completion of this course (Geriatric Medication Precautions), pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will be able to: 

  • Recognize the reasons why the elderly population requires special medication precautions.
  • Identify the potential drug related problems with medications prescribed to the elderly.
  • Define prescribing cascade and learn to detect it to prevent medication problems in older people.
  • Describe the IGRIMUP and their role in the global effort to reduce inappropriate and polypharmacy prescribing practices in older adults.
  • List the tools available to identify pharmacotherapy problems to modify and improve a drug regimen for older adults.
  • Review the Beers Criteria and the rationale for use in preventing Potentially Inappropriate Medications (PIM) and other drugs to avoid in older persons.
  • Explain the STOPP/START criteria and how it helps minimize potentially inappropriate prescribing in the elderly.
  • Examine the reasoning behind Deprescribing and why it is an essential element of good prescribing practices.
  • Evaluate the Medication Appropriateness Index (MAI) and its reliability as a quality measure for potentially inappropriate prescribing.
  • Describe the ARMOR protocol along with its primary outcome goals, the functional status and mobility of elderly patients.
  • Recognize the Good Palliative-Geriatric Practice Algorithm and how physicians use it to reduce polypharmacy.
  • Recognize the FORTA method, a clinical tool designed to increase appropriateness of pharmacotherapy in older adults.
  • Identify other supportive tools such as the Anticholinergic Risk Scale, Prescribing Optimization Method and the Drug Burden Index used to resolve polypharmacy, potentially inappropriate medications and potentially omitted drugs.
  • Discuss the effect a CMR conducted by a pharmacist can make in decreasing medication related complications for the elderly.
  • Categorize recommendations to give seniors on how to manage their medications safely to avoid drug related problems.
  • Describe methods to prevent drug related problems, before prescribing and after prescribing medication for older adults.


Author: Elvia Sellountos, Pharm D, RPh  

Contact Hours: 4 Hours 

Activity Type: Knowledge-Based Home Study 

Instructional Methods:  Online Independent Self-Study (Training + Post-Test)

Target Audience: Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians 

Cost: $25 / Participant

UAN: Pharmacist: 0384-9999-21-106-H05-P Technicians: 0384-9999-21-106-H05-T

Release Date: 08/23/2021               Expiration Date: 08/23/2024

Course Completion Certificate:  A minimum passing score of 70% is required for course completion. A Printable (PDF) Certificate By Email. Credit will be reported to CPE monitor within 30 days of completion.

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