Pediatric Food Allergies and Asthma – 3 Hours



The Pediatric Food Allergies and Asthma course aims to provide an overview of food allergies and asthma. It will start with a definition of food allergy and an explanation of the primary types of adverse food reactions. The course will then discuss the risk factors, epidemiology, and prevention of food allergies, followed by details on the various manifestations of food allergies. The course will focus on the diagnostic process involved in identifying food allergies, including exploring the benefits and risks of testing. The course will also cover the management of food allergies, including treating severe reactions that may occur due to accidental ingestion of an allergen. Additionally, the course will address the need for patient education and provide a brief look into the future of treatment.

In this course, you will also learn how to identify the risk factors associated with asthma and understand the genetic information that may be related to the condition. The course will also focus on managing asthma, with an emphasis on providing long-term therapy and approaches to asthma treatment following diagnosis.

Upon completion of this course (Pediatric Food Allergies and Asthma), you will be able to: 

  • Understand the definition of food allergies and asthma
  • Identify the risk factors for food allergies and asthma
  • Understand the most common allergies
  • Understand the etiology of asthma
  • Identify contributing factors to the connection between allergies and asthma
  • Identify ways to reduce allergies
  • Be able to discuss the prevention of asthma attacks


Contact Hours : 3 Hours 

Course Fee: $10 / Participant 

Author: Desiree Reinken, RN, BSN, MSN

Target Audience: Nursing Healthcare Professionals 

Instructional Methods:  Online Independent Self-Study (Training + Post-Test). A minimum passing score of 70% is required to complete the course. You will receive a printable (PDF) certificate via email.

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