Proprioceptive Retraining After Stroke - 5 Hours



Rehabilitation after a stroke can be quite complex because of the complications and impairments which routinely follow a cerebrovascular accident. Proprioceptive training remains one of the most promising treatment options for this population, but which techniques are effective? This course (Proprioceptive Retraining After Stroke) takes a broad overview of the active, passive and somatosensory options available to therapists who wish to address proprioceptive deficits after CVA. Techniques discussed will cover the spectrum from Aquatic Therapy and Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy to Virtual Reality and Functional Electrical Stimulation and beyond.

Upon completion of this course (Proprioceptive Retraining After Stroke), you will be able to: 

  • Verbalize at least 1 statistic which supports the need for post-CVA rehab.
  • Differentiate between 3 evidence-supported interventions which address proprioception through Active Movement and/or Balance Training
  • Describe 3 evidence-supported interventions which address proprioception through Passive Movement Training
  • Describe 3 evidence-supported interventions which address proprioception through Somatosensory Stimulation Training
  • Progress a Stance & Steppage drill from a low level of function to a higher level of function.
  • Describe at least 1 technique that has been shown to improve patient motivation during post-CVA rehab.
  • Compare the benefit of using a single “named” approach to proprioceptive training versus using an eclectic mix
  • List at least 1 difference between patient satisfaction and patient improvement.


 Author:  Andrea Salzman, MS, PT   

Contact Hours: 5 Hours / 5 PDR  

Cost: $35 / Participant

Teaching Method : Online Independent Self-Study (Training + Post-Test)

Target Audience: Physical Therapists & Physical Therapy Assistants

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Ohio Physical Therapy Association Approval # 20S0907 (Approval 3/1/2020 to 3/1/2021)

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