Washington / Nevada - Suicide Prevention and Intervention - 6 Hours



This course (Suicide Prevention and Intervention – 6 Hours) is on the model list and meets the requirement for the State of Washington mandatory suicide prevention training for all healthcare professionals (RCW 43.70.442). This course is approved by the Washington State Department of Health to meet the Suicide Prevention and Intervention 6 hour requirement for compliance with Washington State law (RCW 43.70.442).

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to learn: 

  • The epidemiology and etiology of suicidal behavior.
  • The risk factors associated with suicide.
  • The process of screening ad assessment to determine risk for suicide.
  • The management of patients at risk for suicide.
  • Treatment modalities that may be used for persons at risk for suicide.
  • The public health approach for suicide prevention, including primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies.
  • Veteran population specific epidemiologic data, risk factors, protective factors, and interventions.
  • The lethal means from self-injurious behaviors, recognizing self-injurious behaviors, assessing intent, objects, substances, and actions common in suicide attempts, restricting access to lethal means, intervening at suicide hotspots, safe storage practices, and counseling on access to lethal means.


6 Hours Training Syllabus

  • Module 1: Prevalence of Suicide in Washington State and the US
  • Module 2: Screening & Assessment of Risk Factors Associated with Suicide
  • Module 3: Referrals: Best Practices for Connecting the Client/Patient to Referral
  • Module 4: Management of Patient, Treatment Modalities, Continuity of Care & Suicide Prevention Strategies
  • Module 5: Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Prevention Framework
  • Module 6: Imminent Harm by Lethal Means 

Contact Hours:   6 

Target Audience: All Healthcare Professionals.

Suicide Prevention and Intervention Training Approved by: Washington State Department Health 

Please Note – the following professions are required to take a six-hour course: social workers,  licensed mental health professionals, nurses, marriage and family therapists, naturopaths, osteopathic physicians/surgeons/physician assistants, physicians and physician assistants, psychologists, and retired active licensees of the above professions.

Beginning July 1, 2017, healthcare professionals required to complete a suicide prevention training must select a course from the 2017 Model List.

Mandatory For: Washington, Nevada

Note: This course fulfills Washington State Department Health Mandated Suicide Prevention Training Requirement for All Healthcare Professionals. Some licensing board do/don’t count this mandatory requirement towards required CE hours for license renewal, please check with your licensing board to use mandatory hours to be counted for CE requirements.

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