Therapeutic Exercises for Older Adults – 5 Hours



Therapeutic exercise is vital for people of all ages, but it is especially important for older adults to maintain their independence. It is recommended that elderly individuals participate in some form of exercise on a daily basis. However, the elderly population may face more barriers to participating in exercise due to several health conditions and co-morbidities. Nevertheless, there are ways to design an exercise program that fits the needs of every individual. Just like in the general population, there is a wide range of abilities among the elderly population, and everyone can exercise. As a healthcare professional, promoting exercise and wellness to improve health is crucial. There are several modes of exercise that can be used, such as Pilates-based rehabilitation, Tai Chi, resistance training, and aerobic exercises. It is essential for a physician to clear a person for exercise if they have other co-morbidities or are going to begin something more than a basic exercise program. Even the frailest elderly individuals can participate in a supervised exercise program. The elderly population is at higher risk of falls, but exercise can help decrease this risk.

Upon completion of the Therapeutic Exercises for Older Adults course, you will be able to: 

  • Describe the aging process regarding muscle strength, mobility, cardiovascular system, pulmonary system, height, weight, and functional activity levels.
  • Describe fall risks associated with aging and how to decrease the risk of falls in the elderly population.
  • Describe how to prescribe an exercise program for the frail elderly.
  • Define sarcopenia and understand how to develop an exercise program for those with this condition.
  • Discuss the long-term physical effects of exercise on the older adult population.
  • Develop a strength training program that is safe and effective for older adults.
  • Be able to prescribe exercise for special populations, including older adults with arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis, peripheral arterial disease, and pulmonary disease.
  • Describe neuromuscular re-education for older adults.
  • Describe how PNF improves the balance and knee extensor strength of older fallers.
  • Describe how Pilates-based rehabilitation can improve functional outcomes and decrease the risk of falls.
  • Be able to develop a Pilates-based rehabilitation exercise program for an elderly patient.
  • Describe how Tai Chi can help postural control in the elderly.
  • Describe how occupational therapists can help to educate and treat patients who are at risk for falling


Author:  Lisa Augustyn, PT, DPT, Christine Church, M.S., OTR/L

Contact Hours: 5 Hours / 5 PDR 

Cost: $40 / Participant  

Teaching Method: Online Independent Self-Study (Training + Post-Test)

Target Audience: Physical Therapists & Physical Therapy Assistants

Course Completion Certificate: A Printable (pdf) Certificate By Email

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