Course Evaluation &
Needs Assessment Survey

Part of our commitment to our continuing education programs includes collecting course feedback from our participants. In addition to being a requirement in order to maintain approved provider status, we find the information essential in developing the types of education programs our members want and need. Thank you for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback.

Course Evaluation & Needs Assessment Survey

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Course Evaluation

How well were learning objectives met? *
Course objectives were consistent with the course as advertised *
Please rate Author/Speaker. How well did author present the material? *
Did author provided an unbiased, objective presentation? Was course material up-to-date, relevant, and of high quality? *
How well done were the presentations' components (slides, pictures etc)? *
What is your overall rating of this course? *
This information is useful in my professional setting. *
I now have a greater understanding of this topic. *
I can now convey this information to others. *
I have better knowledge upon which to base my decisions/actions in my setting. *
I will be able to perform my new skills in my professional setting. *
Online course materials used were relevant and of high quality. *

Needs Assessment

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