Course Evaluation

Part of our commitment to our continuing education programs includes collecting course feedback from our participants. In addition to being a requirement in order to maintain approved provider status, we find the information essential in developing the types of education programs our members want and need. Thank you for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback.

CPE Course Evaluation

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The activity met my educational needs *
Achievement of Stated learning objectives: Course objectives were consistent with the course as advertised *
The author was organized in the written materials *
The educational materials were useful (slides, pictures etc) *
The teaching and learning methods (pre/post-tests, questions, cases) were effective *
The learning methods (pre/post-tests, questions, cases) were appropriate *
(a) Questions were relevant to the CPE activity (b) Questions were at an appropriate level of difficulty (c) Feedback was given in a timely manner (d) Feedback was helpful for my learning
The activity was presented in a fair and unbiased manner *