Florida Mandated CE

Florida Mandated HIV, Medical Errors, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and Other Required CE Hours for Nursing, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, and Other MQA Boards/Councils. 

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1036-17Florida : Reducing Medical Errors - 2 Hours (Nursing, PT, OT), , , $15.00
1036-16Florida : Reducing Medical Errors in Dentistry - 2 Hours, $15.00
1036-15Florida : Reducing Medical Errors for Pharmacy - 2 Hours, $15.00
1036-14Florida : HIV/AIDS for Healthcare Professionals - 1 Hour, , , $10.00
1036-13Florida : HIV AIDS for Healthcare Professionals - 2 Hours, , , , $15.00
1036-12Florida : HIV AIDS for Healthcare Professionals - 3 Hours, $20.00
1036-11Florida : HIV AIDS for Healthcare Professionals - 4 Hours, $25.00
1036-10Florida : Human Trafficking - 2 Hours, , , , $15.00
1036-09Florida : Domestic Violence - 2 Hours, , , , $15.00
1036-08Florida : Validating Prescriptions for Controlled Substances - 2 Hours, $15.00
1036-07Florida : Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace - 2 Hours, $15.00
1036-06Florida : Florida Nursing Law - 2 Hours, $15.00
1036-05Florida : Legal and Ethical Aspects of Nursing - 2 Hours, $15.00
1036-04Florida : Medical Record Documentation and Legal Aspects - 1 Hour, $10.00
1036-03Florida : Resident Rights and Communication with Cognitively Impaired Clients - 2 Hours, $10.00
1036-02Florida : Emergency Preparedness for Healthcare Professionals - 3 Hours, $20.00
1031-1Human Trafficking for Pharmacy - 2 Hours, $15.00
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1029Florida Occupational Therapy Law and Rules - 2 Hours, $15.00

Florida Mandated CE – Florida Boards/Councils Acceptance (MQA):

Some Florida mandated courses are accepted complimentary by other Boards/Councils to fulfill mandatory and non-mandatory continuing education requirements. Please click on Boards/Councils/Complimentary Boards Approval list associated with individual course before purchasing the course to ensure that the course is approved for board/council that you are licensed with. If you are still not sure about acceptance of particular course by your licensing board/council, we strongly encourage you to contact us or call CEBroker to see if the course is approved for your licensing board/council.

Florida Mandated HIV, Reducing Medical Errors, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Impairment in Workplace, and Controlled Substances CE. Board Approvals: Nursing, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy (CEBroker: 50-12950 / 50-20979 | CEBroker Reporting Within 24 Hours of Course Completion)

HIV/AIDS Continuing Education courses are approved for the following Boards:

FL Board of Dentistry
FL Board of Nursing
FL Board of Nursing – Certified Nursing Assistants
FL Board of Pharmacy
FL Office of Dental Laboratories
FL Board of Acupuncture
FL Board of Athletic Training
FL Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel
FL Board of Massage Therapy
FL Board of Nursing Home Administrators
FL Board of Occupational Therapy
FL Board of Physical Therapy Practice
FL Board of Podiatric Medicine
FL Board of Respiratory Care
FL Council of Dietetics and Nutrition
FL Council of Licensed Midwifery
FL Council of Medical Physicists
FL Electrolysis Council
FL Emergency Medical Services

Please visit Board’s website for most current information / continuing education requirements.

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Board of Nursing – Continuing Education for License Renewal – Click Here
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