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Kentucky Mandated

HIV, Domestic Violence & Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma CE

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1050Kentucky : HIV/AIDS - 2 HoursNursing CE, State Mandated Courses, Kentucky MandatoryKentucky$10.00
1049Kentucky - Domestic Violence - 3 HoursNursing CE, State Mandated CoursesKentucky$15.00
1048Kentucky - Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma - 2 HoursNursing CE, State Mandated CoursesKentucky$10.00

Kentucky Mandated HIV/AIDS Course is Approved For:

  • Acupuncturists ( 2 hour)
  • Athletic Trainers (2 Hour)
  • Chiropractors (2 hour)
  • Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants (2 hour)
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (2 hour)
  • Nurses (2 hour)
  • Optometrists (2 hour)
  • Paramedics (2 hour)
  • Pharmacists (2 hour)
  • Physical Therapists (2 hour), Physical Therapy Assistants (2 hour)
  • Physicians (2 hour CEU or CME), Physician Assistants (2 hour)
  • Podiatrists (2 hour)
  • Social Workers (2 hour)


The Kentucky Requirement : To be licensed in Kentucky, most health professionals are required to receive specific continuing education on HIV/AIDS. All applicants for initial licensure must receive two hours of HIV/AIDS education approved by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services or the licensing board or certifying body. Applicants for licensure or certification renewal on active status must receive training at least once every 10 years thereafter, unless the licensing board or certifying entity requires more frequent completion under administrative regulations.

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is responsible for reviewing and approving courses and professional school curricula that meet the specific requirements of Kentucky’s statutes.

KRS Chapter 214.610  – Educational course to be completed by health care workers and social workers.

KRS Chapter 214.615  – Required educational course on transmission, control, treatment and prevention of AIDS.

KRS Chapter 214.620 – Planning for implementation of professional education requirement — Information and education requirements for certain groups.

When applying for your initial license, send a copy of the certificate issued by the education provider to your licensure board (see link in the top box for your board information). Do not send your certificate to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, HIV/AIDS Branch.

When applying for license renewal, contact your board for its requirements for submitting proof.

For information or clarification concerning CEUs and requirements of your licensure board, please contact the appropriate board.

If you still have questions about the list of approved HIV/AIDS courses after reading these instructions and those included on the first page of the list, please email Greg Lee.