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Bloodborne Pathogens & Communicable Diseases for Florida Tattoo Artists
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Bloodborne Pathogens for Florida Body Piercers (Annual Refresher Course)
Florida Department of Health ApprovedApproval Letter
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Permanent MakeupFlorida Permanent Makeup License / Tattoo License Requirements (Click Here):

Effective January 1, 2013, any person operating an unlicensed tattoo establishment will be subject to administrative penalties. All persons who tattoo the body of a human being must be licensed in Florida as a tattoo artist. This includes persons who practice cosmetic tattooing, which is also known as permanent makeup or micropigmentation, and students or apprentices who tattoo human beings as part of their tattoo training.

Who is required to have a Florida tattoo license?

  • persons who tattoo the body of another human
  • persons who practice cosmetic tattooing, permanent make-up, or micropigmentation
  • students/apprentices who tattoo other humans as part of their tattoo training

To Apply Florida Tattoo License – A Tattoo artist license requires the following:

*License must be in county where artist lives in regardless of area of work.

* Submit your completed application to your local county health department Tattoo Coordinator for questions and payment information.

An expired tattoo artist license requires the following: Completed Application for Tattoo Artist License ($60 renewal fee and $25 reactivation fee for a total of $85)License must be issued in county where artist lives, regardless of area of work.

Guest Tattoo Artist Registration

A guest tattoo artist registration is required for any tattoo artist who plans to tattoo in Florida and who also holds an active license, registration, or certification issued by a jurisdiction outside Florida. A guest tattoo license requires the following:

  • Completed Application for Guest Tattoo Artist Registration($35)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Copy of government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of active license,registration, or certification outside of Florida
  • Documentation of completed tattoo Education Courses (at least 70% score) or approved substitute course

Guest registration is valid up to 14 consecutive days in Florida.

If your state does not require a tattoo artist license, you will need to complete a Florida Department of Health education course and a Florida artist license application for Florida.

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