Washington Suicide Prevention Training

Washington State Department of Health Approved (TRNG.TG.60858542-SUIC) for All Health Professionals

Dizziness and Vestibular Rehabilitation, Suicide Prevention
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1346Washington Suicide Prevention and Intervention - 6 HoursNursing CE, State Mandated Courses, Compliance, Suicide Prevention, Unlimited Nursing CEWashington$30.00
1345Washington / Nevada - Suicide Prevention and Intervention - 3 HoursDental CE, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy CE, State Mandated Courses, Compliance, Suicide Prevention, Unlimited Dental CE, Unlimited Pharmacy CPE, Unlimited Physical Therapy CEUNevada, Washington$20.00

Washington Suicide Prevention Training Requirement for Health Professionals:

Professions Required to take a six-hour course:

  • Social workers: Six hours at least once every six years
  • Licensed mental health professionals: Six hours at least once every six years
  • Licensed practical nurses (LPN): Six hours one time
  • Registered nurses (RN): Six hours one time
  • Advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNP): Six hours one time
  • Marriage and family therapists: Six hours at least once every six years
  • Naturopaths: Six hours one time
  • Osteopathic physicians and surgeons: Six hours one time
  • Osteopathic physician assistants: Six hours one time
  • Physicians: Six hours one time
  • Physician assistants: Six hours one time
  • Psychologists: Six hours at least once every six years
  • Retired active licensee for one of these professions (Naturopaths, LPNs, RNs, or ARNPs, Osteopathic physicians and surgeons, Osteopathic physician assistants, Physician assistants, Physicians: Six hours one time

Professions Required to take a three-hour course:

  • Certified counselors | certified advisers: Three hours every six years
  • Chemical dependence professionals: Three hours every six years
  • Chiropractors: Three hours every six years
  • Dentists: Three hours one time
  • Dental hygienists: Three hours one time
  • Chiropractors: Three hours every six years
  • Occupational therapists and assistants: Three hours at least once every six years
  • Pharmacists: Three hours one time
  • Physical therapists and assistants: Three hours one time
  • Retired active license as a dentist: Three hours one time

Three-hour training for pharmacists and dentists (suicide screening, referral and imminent harm via lethal means): Pharmacists and dentists can choose from the three-hour training or the six-hour training.

Legislation (RCW 43.70.442) requires that the health professions listed below take a suicide prevention course that meets their hour and content requirement before the end of the next full continuing education reporting period. Implementation dates vary by profession. After identifying the suicide prevention training requirements for a profession, find courses on the 2017 Model List.

For specific questions about Washington Suicide Prevention training requirements or whether a particular training is appropriate for your health profession, please contact the program manager or executive director of your profession’s board or commission.

Suicide Prevention Training for Health Professionals

Did you know that most people who attempt and die by suicide have a mental health condition although it’s often not diagnosed? Many people who consider and attempt suicide have never seen a behavioral health specialist. Almost all of these people though do see a healthcare professional within a year of their attempt.

A study found that almost 40 percent of people have a healthcare visit within a week prior to their suicide attempt1. Healthcare professionals are in a unique position to notice depression and suicide warning signs in their patients and intervene early. Suicide is a preventable public health issue. Understanding the stressors and hopelessness that lead people to consider suicide and connecting them to the appropriate help can save lives.

Beginning July 1, 2017, health professionals who need to take a training must choose an approved suicide prevention course on the Model List. These courses meet content and time requirements outlined in legislation (RCW 43.70.442).

I’m a health professional

Training Requirements – What are the suicide prevention training requirements for my profession?

Model List – Where may I find a list of approved training programs?

Resources – Are there other resources I can use to prevent suicides in the workplace?