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Why won’t my payment go through?

There are several reasons a payment may not go through. To help protect your account, our credit card processor (PayPal) uses a complex screening process for payments. This helps prevent lost or stolen financial information from being used for unauthorized transactions. Occasionally, payments that don’t go through could be tied to a specific issue with your bank or card. Contact your bank or card issuer to figure out why the payment is not going through.


Do I need Login ID and Password?

NO, you do not need login ID and Password. You do not need to create an account to access course/s. Your course access link comes to you by email provided with participant registration information. Please check your email (including spam/junk folder) for downloadable training link. All courses are 100% online and you will receive everything by email.


Do I need to be connected with internet all the time while taking course?

Yes, your PC/Mac/Mobile device must always be connected with Internet while taking the course. Your personal information with test score is recorded in real-time and transmitted automatically upon completion in to our score recording system. Your score will not be recorded if you are not connected with Internet.

Can I access training course on my iPad / iPhone / Mobile Devices?

Yes. Most courses (except Florida Tattoo & LA Tattoo course that requires student verification system needs to completed in a single sitting on regular computer) are accessible on almost all platforms / browser / devices (e.g., iPad/iPhone, Android Tablets/Phone, MAC, Windows PC). If you have any trouble accessing on your device, please feel free to contact us.

Where is my course completion certificate?

In most cases, your printable course completion certificate arrives by email within 24 hours of successful completion of course and test. If your score comes without personal information (required to begin the test), system will not be able to match it with the student registration database, and no certificate will be issued.

Common reasons for not receiving certificate:

  • Incorrect email provided with the test score.
  • Email address is not matching with the student registration database.
  • Score submitted without personal information (required to begin test)
  • Spam/Junk Filter: Strong privacy setting blocks automated email with attachment.

When to contact: If you have not received your certificate within 24 hours, please check your junk/spam folder before contacting us. Please send email ( with your information (Name, Email, Course Completed, Completion Date etc.), for us to retrieve your score from the system and issue course completion certificate.