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Biologix Solutions (blxtraining) is a nationally recognized provider of online continuing education and mandatory compliance training for all healthcare professionals. Biologix Solutions develops, delivers, and evaluates continuing education programs for Nursing, Dental, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, and Body Art Professionals. All continuing education courses and compliance training offered by us are authored by highly experienced professionals and approved by licensing boards/continuing education granting authorities in all major states.

Biologix Solutions (blxtraining) Approvals (Link): Our approvals demonstrate the quality of our institution and our programs. Please visit approvals section under the home page for full list. We assured you the best learning experience.

Company’s Mission: Identify the educational needs of healthcare professionals and develop consistently high-quality continuing education activities to provide up-to-date, relevant, scientifically rigorous information to improve healthcare provider knowledge, competence and performance.