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Florida Board of Massage Therapy (CE Broker # 50-20979) Approved Online Continuing Education for Massage Therapy Professionals.

Florida Massage Therapy, Laws and Rules, Florida Massage Therapy Mandatory, Client Safety and Disease Prevention
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1036-17Florida : Reducing Medical Errors - 2 Hours (Nursing, PT, OT, MT)Nursing CE, State Mandated Courses, Florida Mandatory, Massage TherapyFlorida$15.00
1036-14Florida : HIV/AIDS for Healthcare Professionals - 1 HourNursing CE, State Mandated Courses, Florida Mandatory, Massage TherapyFlorida$10.00
1036-10-8Florida : Human Trafficking for Massage Therapists (LMT) - 2 HoursState Mandated Courses, FL Human Trafficking, Massage TherapyFlorida$10.00
1036-10-7Florida : Ethics In Massage Therapy - 2 HoursState Mandated Courses, Massage TherapyFlorida$10.00
1036-10-6Florida : Massage Therapy Laws and Rules - 2 HoursState Mandated Courses, Massage TherapyFlorida$10.00
1036-10-1Client Safety and Disease Prevention During COVID-19 - 1 HourMassage TherapyFlorida$10.00

Florida Massage Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

Renewal Requirement (Click Here): As a Florida massage therapist, you have a continuing education requirement that has to be met prior to August 31st, on odd years. 

Each Florida Massage Therapist will need 24 contact hours biennially, 12 of which must be live (classroom, demonstration, conference, etc.), while the remaining 12 contact hours may be completed via Florida Board of Massage Therapy approved, online continuing education courses.  Additionally, as a Florida Massage Therapist, you have mandatory continuing education courses:

HIV/AIDS – 1 hour

Medical Errors Prevention – 2 hours

Florida Laws & Rules (not required for the 1st renewal of a new licensee) 2 hours

Professional Ethics (not required for the 1st renewal of a new licensee) – 2 hours

Human Trafficking –  (not required for the 1st renewal of a new licensee) – 1 hour

At least 12 hours must be taken live and must be relevant to and focused on massage therapy techniques, which may include:

  • The history of massage,
  • Human anatomy & physiology,
  • Kinesiology, and/or
  • Pathology

These hours must be completed via live classroom instruction (including hands-on instruction or demonstration).

The remaining 6 general hours may include, but are not limited to:

  • Courses in communication with clients and other professionals;
  • Insurance relating to third party payment or reimbursement for services;
  • Psychological dynamics of the client-therapist relations;
  • Risk management, including charting, documentation, record keeping or infection control or massage practice management.
Important Information: Biologix Solutions LLC attempts to keep the information on this web page as current as possible however; because CE requirements are dynamic and due to the volume of license and certification boards and individual requirements, we strongly encourage interested individuals to check with their licensing or certification board prior to registration to insure that the particular CE applies. Please do not hesitate to contact the Biologix Solutions LLC to confirm what CE is available for a particular course.